Hearing Aid Test Drive

At Paragon Hearing Aid Center, we put you - our valued patient - at the center of everything we do. We understand that each person’s hearing loss is unique and personal, so we are proud to be the local, independent hearing care practice that will partner with you on your journey to better hearing.

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At Paragon Hearing Aid Center, we take the time to not only do a thorough diagnostic exam of your ears and your hearing, but also to understand where in your life you may struggle with your hearing. This allows us to combine objective diagnostic results with our knowledge and use of technology to offer you the best solution for you. After all, there is no perfect hearing aid for everyone - but for everyone, there is a perfect hearing aid.
Hearing Aid Fitting
After your diagnostic exam and consultation, we’ll offer you the chance to try hearing devices that are programmed to your specific hearing loss.
Hearing Aids
We encourage you to take the hearing devices home and wear them in your life - go out to lunch with friends, see a movie, attend church, as you normally would.
Hearing Aids At Home
When you come back in, we’ll be able to read data from the hearing devices on the situations you were in and how the hearing devices performed. Combined with your feedback we'll use this information to recommend the right hearing aid for your individual needs.
Hearing Aid
When you've decided to purchase, we'll make sure you receive the highest possible service for the entire lifetime of your devices, at no additional cost to you. We ensure you never leave the office without your next follow-up appointment scheduled. At these “clean and check” appointments, we are able to clean your hearing devices, check your ears, and talk to you about any changes that may require adjustments to your hearing devices.
Hearing Aid Repair

"I was tired of asking people to repeat themselves and people were getting tired of hearing me say 'what or huh'. Lonnie was great at explaining everything as we went along and he made it easy to understand. Paragon was able to make me feel comfortable through the entire process."

- Brenda Hunt
Audiologist Review