Hearing Aids

Wondering which hearing aid is right for you? There are a number of factors to consider when picking a new hearing device, from hearing aid style to our top hearing aid brands.

Hearing Aid Styles

The classic hearing aid style is a Behind-The-Ear (BTE) device that works well for every level of hearing loss and is easy to wear and adjust. The hearing aid shell sits behind the ear and houses the electronic part of the hearing aid, or the component that runs all the complex programs and settings that help you hear. A small plastic tube then carries sounds to your ear canal so you can hear clearly.
Behind The Ear (BTE) Hearing Aid Style
Another great choice is a Receiver-In-Canal (RIC) hearing aid, which looks very similar to the BTE device. The RIC hearing aid places the speaker right inside the ear canal, meaning the component that sits behind the ear will be slightly smaller than a BTE device. This hearing aid also treats several degrees of hearing loss and is a perfect choice for anyone looking for a sleek, sophisticated hearing aid.
Receiver In Canal (RIC) Hearing Aid Style
For those who prefer not to have a hearing aid behind their ears, and whose hearing loss permits, there's several custom options available. From the almost invisible Completely-In-Canal (CIC), to an In-The-Ear (ITE), or the more common In-The-Canal (ITC). No matter what your situation there's a custom option that will fit your needs.
Completely In Canal (CIC) & In The Canal (ITC) Hearing Aid Style

State-Of-The-Art Hearing Device Technology

Hearing aid technology has advanced by leaps and bounds in the past few years, and our hearing devices are like mini-computers packed with incredible programs and features designed to make hearing easy.

No matter your hearing needs, we have a hearing aid that will help you hear in quiet and in background noise, as well as offer the best in wireless connectivity so you can hear the TV or your cell phone right in your ear.

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Hearing Brands

Choosing the right hearing aid is a big decision, but we make it easier by partnering with the world’s top hearing aid brands to bring you the best in hearing technology.
Unitron Hearing Aids
Unitron has long been respected for their work in the hearing industry. They create dependable technology with a fresh outlook that won them a Red Dot Award in 2016 for their innovative designs. If you're interested in the worlds smallest Receiver-In-Canal (RIC) hearing aid their new Moxi Now is the one for you. And they've recently released the first hearing aids that connect directly with any Bluetooth capable phone.
Widex Hearing Aids
Widex has been in the business a long time, with their first hearing aids appearing in 1956. They sell hearing aids all over the world, so you know they deliver a product you can trust. Their Unique line of hearing devices were among the first digital In-The-Ear hearing aids, and they’re packed with features designed to help you hear in any environment. Their latest model, BEYOND, is a Made for iPhone hearing aid that allows you to stream phone calls wirelessly to your ears.
ReSound Hearing Aids
ReSound is a truly innovative company and is a world leader when it comes to manufacturing hearing aids that feature the best in connectivity and versatility. They lead the market when it comes to Made for iPhone devices, with the LiNX 3D, which offers direct streaming from your iPhone, iPad, iPod, or Apple Watch so you’ll be connected to the people you love. ReSound also has apps to simplify your life.
Oticon Hearing Aids
Oticon’s claim to fame is their BrainHearing technology, which is designed to help your brain hear. With Oticon’s newest model, Opn, you’ll reduce your listening effort, have better hearing in noise than those with normal hearing, and can use your energy to enjoy time with family and friends rather than straining to hear.
Starkey Hearing Aids
Starkey is a leading hearing aid brand that doesn’t disappoint. Featuring sleek designs that deliver great connectivity features, they have hearing aids that are nearly invisible. Their Halo iQ hearing aid is a renowned Made for iPhone hearing aid, while the Muse iQ provides a natural, seamless listening experience. Starkey also has made a promise to give back. With every hearing device purchased, they donate hearing aids to children and adults around the world, and have given away more than 1 million hearing aids.