Veteran Outreach

At Paragon Hearing Aid Center, we recognize that attending simple hearing check up appointments at the VA may be difficult and time consuming for some VA patients. Here at Paragon Hearing we want to offer those services to our local veterans that participate, qualify and receive their hearing aids through the VA program, free of charge.

Non-Profit Outreach

Paragon Hearing Aid Center recognizes the importance of the community around us. And the positive impact the non-profit community has on everyone in it. We would like to do our part in helping local churches, and others, by providing a free service to their audio department. If your sound team uses in-ear monitors, traditionally you have to send the team member to a local office to purchase ear impressions to send off to the manufacturer of your choice to have the in-ear monitors made. We have seen these impressions cost as much as $90 for a pair. In an effort to do our part in giving back to the community we will be providing these impressions free of charge to local non-profit organizations.